A Transliteracy Platform


will equip Nashoba Brooks students with all they need to work effectively across different modes of research, production, and expression in a world where knowledge is expanding, and communication is evolving at unprecedented rates. Today, students must be facile with a broad range of materials and media; able to collaborate and demonstrate fluency with evolving technologies. To foster collaboration and inspire creativity, Nashoba Brooks needs a space that is fully dedicated to transliteracy integration; a space that provides room for flexible activities and functions as well as access for both Lower and Middle School students.


Strategically located in the heart of the Coombs Building with direct connection to the Denault Library, the Transliteracy Platform creates a centrally integrated hub for library, research, and mixed media exploration. This space supports the integrated, innovative, dynamic, and flexible learning zones that will support students in gaining the skills they need to succeed in our rapidly changing world. Recognizing that today’s students and tomorrow’s leaders will need to have both fluency and flexibility in navigating many forms of literacy, the Transliteracy Platform will celebrate that the best learning is not siloed and segmented, but integrated and interdependent. In this space, students will continue to build a genuine and deep love of reading and research, while also exploring natural connections through collaboration, design, creation and iteration.


This dynamic hub will unlock interdisciplinary pedagogy and diversified learning experiences at the heart of Nashoba Brooks School. The platform will include a fabrication lab with opportunities to explore prototyping and robotics, reading and research stations, and break-out spaces for group projects. Our vision incorporates library skills and technology; traditional and digital media; and elements of science, engineering, art, and math.

Flex Classrooms


will provide the space and flexibility we need to match the caliber of the current program, meet the demands of growing interests, and adjust to demographic trends as they continue to evolve. The location of these new classrooms, at the heart of the School, will allow them to be utilized for either Lower School or Middle School classes as needed in a given year. The reach and reputation of Nashoba Brooks School has grown throughout MetroWest in recent years, and we seek to build upon this growth for the future. We want to enrich the lives of as many boys and girls as possible with the impact of our core values, high educational standards, and joyful, loving community.


We will build bright, spacious classrooms to create long-term adaptability for Nashoba Brooks School.


They will, for example, provide high quality spaces for reading, math, or world language sections to better serve students of all abilities. Flex classrooms can be used by teachers and specialists to differentiate instruction in all grades, and will be strategically located between the Lower and Middle Schools. These state-of-the-art learning spaces will enable new curricular initiatives, support enrollment growth, and provide much needed flexibility for students and teachers school-wide. With these additional classrooms, Nashoba Brooks will be better equipped to match the strength of and support growth in our program for all of our students.

New classrooms will be designed to be spaces that truly match the spirit and energy of our dynamic programs.

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Nashoba Brooks School is a coed Lower School from Preschool to Grade 3 and an all-girls Middle School from Grades 4 to 8 located in Concord, Massachussetts.