The Nashoba Brooks Fund


As we launch The Campaign for Our Future, the Nashoba Brooks Fund will continue to be a vital resource for the School’s strategic directions: innovation, inclusivity, and impact.


Providing the essential foundation upon which we build, ongoing annual commitments to the Nashoba Brooks Fund quite literally touch every aspect of our School. Representing roughly nine percent of the annual operating budget, it reduces dependence on tuition revenue, alleviates pressure on the operating budget, and fuels our strategic directions.


Continuing to sustain and strengthen the Nashoba Brooks Fund will be an imperative throughout the campaign. Our goal as a community is to raise a total of $3 million over three years for the Nashoba Brooks Fund. In conjunction with building projects and the endowment, this will advance our aspirational, interdisciplinary, and creative goals. Throughout the campaign and beyond, the Nashoba Brooks Fund will continue to have a positive impact for every child, every day.

Our Endowment


serves as a critical pillar in the long-term health and vitality of the School, providing an ongoing and reliable source of revenue that ensures a commitment to the institution’s highest priorities, including employee salaries, financial assistance, innovative programs, and new initiatives. There are currently 30 named endowment funds, which—when combined with the general endowment—support six percent of our annual operating budget. Continued growth of the endowment remains a vital goal for Nashoba Brooks School, ensuring ongoing support for key priorities long into the future.

The Discovery Barn


will strengthen our curricular connection to one of the School’s greatest assets: our 30-acre campus. Our landscape offers an opportunity to elevate every Nashoba Brooks program, from art and math to literature and biology. Our “deck house” school building was designed for connection to the outdoors, with balconies and garden-level classrooms. The Discovery Barn will help us continue to distinguish Nashoba Brooks among other schools in the region.


Drawing on traditional New England architecture, we will construct a simple, barn-like structure near the site of our current School garden. The Discovery Barn will extend the strength and flexibility of our programs for students at all levels. In addition to serving as a launchpad to our outdoor learning environment and enhancing our students’ development as stewards of our natural world, this space will support activities that inspire new levels of learning and engagement, including before- and after-school activities, athletics, and the arts.


The Discovery Barn will accommodate up to 150 guests as a performance and event space, providing an additional venue for our performing arts programs. As a beautiful, flexible, and independently zoned structure, the Discovery Barn will also serve as a potential source of rental income. It is the key to moving forward with as little disruption as possible to School activities. Serving as a flexible space to support administrative needs that are temporarily displaced during construction, the Discovery Barn will increase efficiency in construction costs and schedule.

200 Strawberry Hill Road, Concord, MA 01742
By Phone: 978-369-4591

Nashoba Brooks School is a coed Lower School from Preschool to Grade 3 and an all-girls Middle School from Grades 4 to 8 located in Concord, Massachussetts.